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Residential Glazing Services

At Vitrerie Brasseur & Fils, we are thermal window experts. We are trained to replace them. We have different types of thermal windows including regular, energy, gas, choice of spacer, decorative grids, tinted, etc. Investing in good thermal windows can make all the difference on your electricity bill. Please feel free to call us for more information

Please feel free to call us for more information!

Sealed Units (Thermal Windows)

Thermal windows are composed of two panes of glass separated by a spacer. This creates a sealed air chamber that insulates your window. This sealed unit is airtight and moisture-proof. In addition, a desiccant will absorb the ambient humidity to avoid any problem with condensation between the two glasses.

Condensation Problem

If condensation forms on the outside of your thermal window, it means that your home is too damp. If condensation forms inside your window, it indicates that moisture is seeping between your two panes. Poorly sealed glass can lose up to 50% of its thermal efficiency. If this happens, you need to replace the sealant. If in doubt, call our experts.

We Serve Greater Montreal, the North Shore and the South Shore.


General glazing

Replacement of fogged or broken thermal glass on any type of window (wood, PVC, aluminum, hybrid), greenhouse, steel door and patio door

Thermal windows (sealed units): regular, energy, gas, choice of interlayer, tiles
Residential and commercial sealed units (thermal windows)
Shop windows and commercial facades

Commercial aluminum doors

Glass (tinted, tempered, laminated, paperback, etc.)

Residential and commercial glass and thermal windows

Security grilles



Complete Hardware For:

Commercial doors (pivot, door closer, handle, etc.)

Hinges (recessed, full size, surface)

thermal windows and glass for standard and commercial doors

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Residential Services

Sales - Repair - Installation - Delivery

Service d'urgence 24 heures sur 24
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